Don't Quit Your Daydream Feb. 23-24, 2019

Don't Quit Your Daydream Feb. 23-24, 2019

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At The Silver Savior ArtRanch, Nederland, Colorado 
We are gathering our people! Join us for a one of a kind custom tailored 2 day event designed to discover and unleash your true calling through the Art of Making from Meaning.
The Silver Savior Art Ranch is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. You will have a weekend of uninterrupted time to create, write, play, be immersed in nature and uncover your true calling.
Already have an idea of what that is? Here, you will have the time and space to discover next steps on the path of releasing your vision!

Here are some highlights of Don't Quit Your Daydream Workshop:
-Facilitated by artist, Nancy Anderson, 30 years in the world of making a life from meaning with Sweet Bird Studio, 10,000 hours plus, no doubt!

-Come as you are! All workshop materials provided, and I will be sending out a list of personal items you may want to bring to enhance your creations.

-This is the art of Rust Resurrection! We will be getting into collage, paint, play, write, metal work….just come ready to explore! No experience is necessary, just an open mind and a desire to learn and play with many techniques.

-A healthy lunch will be provided both days (vegetarian option as well)

What you will walk away with from the Don't Quit Your Daydream Workshop:
-2 days of uninterrupted visioning and creative focus.

-Tools and techniques from Sweet Bird herself, Nancy Anderson with 30 years of experience.

-Exploring and incorporating your own photos, writings and treasured bits into your shrine of intention.

-Walk away with a clear vision for your life and your calling.

-Integrating more creativity into your life to take back with you for yourself and your loved ones.


If you have any questions about the workshop please e-mail us or give us a call.