Looking For Mary Artist Retreat
Looking For Mary Artist Retreat

Looking For Mary Artist Retreat

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What if divine presence was the unconditional love most of us did not get to experience from our earthly mothers?

What would happen if we could open ourselves to the Divine Mother-Love in writing and then in making art?

Memories, words, images. Paste, paint, ink. Objects, altars, collage.

Let’s get together this fall to tell our stories, feed our souls and create some inspired mixed-media shrines. For this workshop retreat led by best-selling author Bev Donofrio and nationally known artist Nancy Anderson no writing or artmaking experience is necessary.

In Looking for Mary, we will hope to be guided by—even as we ask questions about—the Blessed Mother, known by some as Kali or Gaia, Tara or any other name that has meant Goddess since the dawn of time. What does Mary mean to you personally, and if she doesn’t mean anything to you, yet, what might she mean to you in this retreat? Through the stories your heart wants you to tell, we may discover the ways spirit has always moved and continues to move in our lives.

By reanimating objects and relics, by giving physical expression to insights and revelations, we discover how our own creativity can draw us into a deeper knowledge of who we are—the authentic you. We will laugh, inspire each other, make community, and in the process, we just may discover beliefs and a river of wild faith much stronger than we’d ever imagined.

About Bev: I shudder to think where I would be if I didn't have writing all these years to help me change, understand, grow, and live in my own skin more comfortably. In two words; Writing Heals. As does experiencing a divine presence as unconditional Mother love. Finally, with Nancy Anderson's help and her inspired creativity, I am able to team up with a fellow traveler and offer a workshop that not only revels in that Mother-love but invites others on a healing journey. By gathering old objects to serve as physical representations of memories and emotions, we can transform them into something completely other; shrines we can touch, look at, take home, live with. I can't wait.

About Nancy: Sometimes the divine experience comes when we simply bring our attention to a dark moment, this is exactly what happened 16 years ago with my accidental connection to Mother Mary. I believe creativity is the doorway to that moment. Moments of being awake to the divine offers us a sense of purpose and meaning, even if those moments are too hard to articulate or explain. Creative work holds surprises, teaches us things we didn't know before, and creative work helps us to understand and become who we are at the deepest level of our being.

Sept 20th-24th

Bear Mountain Lodge

Silver City, New Mexico

10am-4pm, Monday Through Friday


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