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New Journals!

We have new journals available for all your creative endeavors! By getting curious about who we are. By knowing that we can and will do this with fierce grace. To create. Write, journal, collect poetry. Collage. To share with others our journey. To tell our stories. Play music as loud as you like. Plant flowers. Ask yourself, "who do you think you are?". And then write about it.  Art Saves Journal Dare To Fly Journal  

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Tough Angels

Sweet Bird Family Spotlight: Patricia Melnice Tough Angels emerged after Patty Melnice quit her much loved job as a visual sylist with Neiman Marcus, put her belongings in storage and traveled alone to Africa in 2009. Patty worked extensively with victims of rape against women and children in developing countries. In Patty's words, "I don't claim to have all the answers , but once you've witnessed the horrors that women and children endure, it's impossible to 'unsee' them". In support of Patty's work Sweet Bird is joining her mission, "Rings of Hope". You likely have jewelry that has broken or missing parts. Those items can make a difference. The Rings of Hope project through Tough Angels can receive full refinery...

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Lisa's Chickens

  You can not imagine how your crusade and message resonated with me and truly left me with goosebumps. Having gone through some major life jerkers the past few years, I am finally at a place where I know I have something great to share with and give to the world and for me that is chickens. Recently, I took my "Fuck You Money" and bought a little farm where I am not only going to expand my chicken and feed business, but I am going to hold workshops and camps and above all... I WILL be free. Free to live my dream and share my love of farming with the world. Since I have been farming, i have met...

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Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

One of my all time greatest idols and hero’s is Amelia Earhart. When I’m feeling low on courage, feel the fear of change creeping in, I think of her. What strikes me most is her relaxed way. Everything about her is at ease and she exudes confidence. Each time I look at her in this photo I get inspired. Autumn is a time that also inspires me. The days are turning shorter, the air is crisp, the leaves are performing their final encore as they fall to the ground and the birds are slowly making their way south. I am running my own race, feeling the urgency to get out, creatively, what is in me that is begging to come...

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When Was The Last Time You Did Something For The First Time?

+THE ART OF MAKING FROM MEANING+   When was the last time you did something for the first time? Last fall, I truly asked myself this. And then I acted on it. I am a modern day hunter-gatherer of materials, inspiration and passion, so keeping true to my calling, I went on a quest this past year. You could say I needed refreshed eyes and time to attend to my soul on a career I loved.So, I went on the hunt…..I explored Italy, drove across the country with my Golden retriever, Emmy Lou Hairass (she wasn’t much for conversation), stopped and talked to many on art and life. From SanFrancisco to Florida, and many places in between, I racked up the miles....

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