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”made in america”=

Much has changed since the inception of Sweet Bird Studio in the basement of my house 30 years ago. Now, more than ever, we are wanting to own our uniqueness, our reverence for “spiritual hardware and sacred scrap”. So we have decided to become more of who we are and we are featuring our “Wearable Shrines of Intention Collection. ” What is your wearable shrine of intention?

We are now pleased to announce our new Artist in Residency at the Museum Of Boulder! Join us for riotous inspiration through meaningful jewelry, workshops, and mentorships and please do come visit our working studio! There is a vast collection of Sweet Bird goodies for sale in the lobby to boot. I also love to make custom orders so let's meet and talk heirloom ideas! Now, more than ever, we will continue to make art from meaning.
So please come say howdy next time you're in Boulder!

Because Art Saves.

Word on the Bird

– Ronnie Dunn

– Marc Edwards

– L.exie Montgomery

”made in america”=