What do a jeweler in Colorado, dogs in Texas, and a Rhino orphanage have in common? Several Months ago, one of our great customers wrote us an e-mail. She was on a plane back from Africa and emphatically asked me for my help. Her husband had been contracted to bring in his Texas Scout dogs to Africa to help search out poachers and try to put an end to the illegal Rhino horn trade in Kruger National Park. Due to poaching, there are less than 30,000 Rhinos left on the planet. As soon as I heard of the success of these "Texas Rhino Dogs" and Care for Wild, the largest Rhino orphanage, I knew Sweet Bird Studio had to get involved.
So we are creating this new line "STAY WILD" to help our Rhino friends! You see, much of the time, Rhinos who are killed for their horn leave babies behind who need about two years of care before being able reintroduced to the wild. This is truly a grass roots effort and a portion of all proceeds from this line will go directly to Care for Wild.
What is the difference between extinction and almost gone?
That it is still not too late to help save and preserve a beautiful species.
Donate directly to Care for Wild here:
20% of all sales from this collection will go directly to