Artist's Confessions

Greetings My Sweetbird Soul Family,
In this ‘new normal’, it’s hard to know who to believe, where to turn to and what we need to do sometimes at any given moment. It really has been a ‘wait and see’ for all of us. For the world. I call this the dark night of the soul. Not because it’s awful, but because there is no going back to the familiar and we have yet to see the future. I feel like we have one feet in each side of the past and future.
 Can you surrender to the outcome that you don’t see coming?
This time can be looked at as a collective chaos, or it can be seen as an opportunity. An opportunity to learn to have faith in the unseen, a surrendering to control (as if we ever had it). This is an opportunity to get clear, to ask ourselves collectively and individually, ‘what do we want?’ Because power and strength comes from not in what we own, but what we have from within. 
Like you already know, this is not a political crisis, no, no, no! This is a healing crisis!
And the more we each get clear on what we want for our lives and our future generations lives, the more we heal and go forward in a different, more inclusive way. Because what we do to one, we do to all. But we can’t move into this new world without learning new parts about ourselves. And that’s where art and creativity come in. That is my passion and a key to the new we are now creating. 
As I sit in a holding pattern, a further hunkering down with my hound, I can tell you the future dates of the Silver Savior are undetermined as of yet. I want to be safe to everyone and to myself, so at this point, I will wait day by day to see when going national will be safer.
 So, to be with you, I am offering you two great opportunities to explore what you want and to help release YOUR vision. For the first time ever, I will be offering the first in a series of online workshops I am creating called, Art As Prayer. I want to be your creative partner on the spiritual journey! I believe we are all artists, crafting a life from meaning, and the work is just waiting to be born from looking deeper. To me, being an artist is merely paying attention. To your environment, your longings, and ultimately your calling. I will announce the first zoom live workshop next week, so be watching on our FB ad Instagram pages as well.
The other offering I have for you, delivering to your door the beginning Silver Savior interviews! I want to deliver to you weekly some GOOD news, tips from the road on how others are creating a life they love during these unprecedented times. So buckle up, windows down and always know your in the driver’s seat!
Please Be With Me,
Nancy + Team Sweetbird