Her Way And The Highway

Hi Sweet Birdies,
I feel this quarantine time is challenging, stressful and also a time of immeasurable gift. It has allowed us to go deeper, to dream harder, and to see our mortality more clearly. Over the years, I’ve watched the universe rise up to meet the vision inside all of us, and I feel this moment in time right now has never been greater to become more clear of our purpose in our lives, our personal and unique quest in each of us.
But like myself, you may be feeling lately that you’re spiritually, mentally and physically exhausted. We have been through so much this past year and a half and now cases are rising again. It has delayed my trip once again, but I am going to take you on the ride with local interviews and zoom interviews on our Instagram for now and hopefully head out on the road in the fall. It is our stories that remind us that there IS good news in the world despite the grim news that the media inundates us with. 
I want to share an article that Airstream did recently on The Silver Savior project, click below to read the inaugural interview of their new series called Her Way And The Highway.
Lean in… toward each other, reach out, and let me know if I can meet you and hear your story about how you’re making this precious time matter right now.
To find love and connection across differences is our savior.
Welcome to the Silver Savior. Because Art Saves.
Windows rolled down and always know you’re in the driver’s seat,
Nancy + Team Sweetbird