Last Day At The Beach

I just turned a big number. It ends in a “0”….that’s right, 30! Hah! In my mind! No, really, try doubling that! It’s strange turning this age…some of you are there, some of you beyond, so you probably feel this sense of urgency too. Suddenly, you see two thirds of your life in the rear view and only one third ahead---IF you’re lucky. I began thinking about this and then found myself going down the rabbit hole of the internet. I found that in the United States, women live to be an average of 81 and men an average age of 76. Truth, google it! So, then I multiplied approximately how many years I have left and again multiplied it by 365 days in a year, and discovered that if I’m lucky enough to live to be 81,
 I have 7,665 days left. 
Now, I don’t bring this up to be morbid or Debbie Downer, but the opposite. I compare my days on this messy, painful and and beyond beautiful planet to the last day at the beach. Growing up summers on the Jersey shore, I always treasured the last day at the beach. Each wave I rode became sacred spray. I would look on the shore and see my loved ones through the curl of the wave and try to lock that crystalline image into a photographic memory, knowing it would all be over the next morning as I flew home to the Rockies. I would stay on the beach long past the lifeguards left, past all the beach chairs and umbrellas and people left. Because I knew that was it, each moment, each day, and each sunset became more and more precious over the years.
These wearable shrines of intention, which have become my life’s work, have become journals of my past, present and future. Who says you’re not what you do?! Through the gift of doing what I love, I am obsessed now with a real love that matters most.  I constantly scour my head and heart, asking, “what do I have to give and how can I be of service?” Because what the world needs more than ever is each one of us coming alive, to find our passion, what we love and then to go out and share those gifts. I truly believe that is the new normal. When we are all called to our gifts we can't waste anymore time and we know it.
Basically, our mission in life, as I see it, is to come home to who we are. And what better way than to put a fire in our heart and a kick in the rear knowing we only have so much time. 
My Release the Vision Workshop in May will incorporate many techniques and projects, but what I am most curious about is to share with you this precious week in finding and honing in on HOW to live your most creative life possible. I will share with you the four pillars of finding that divine source for you where changes and new beginnings will manifest naturally and with ease that are a tried and true method I have developed and learned over the years.
We will be asking the most important question: “What does it mean to live a good life? We are in a time where there are only so many things we need or even want moving forward. 
Quality over quantity is stepping in. That is the wave I ride now. Like our collective ear to a conch shell, if we listen carefully enough, a message from our souls is coming in about how we want to live our lives with the time we have left, no matter what age you are, because, after all, there are no guarantees.   
Simpler choices. Simpler understandings. Sacred moments. Something we learned when we all had to go within during the pandemic. Trusting the quality. Thrusting what is calmer. Quieter. To allow what is most important for us to come through. 
I hope you can join me this May, but if you can’t, I hope you take these ideas into your own heart, do your own math and continue your greatest quest for your life, your one, finite, and precious life. And remember, it's an honor to grow older!
Until then, cause trouble, make noise be proud and mighty and most of all, claim your holy lands.