Lisa's Chickens


You can not imagine how your crusade and message resonated with me and truly left me with goosebumps.
Having gone through some major life jerkers the past few years, I am finally at a place where I know I have something great to share with and give to the world and for me that is chickens.
Recently, I took my "Fuck You Money" and bought a little farm where I am not only going to expand my chicken and feed business, but I am going to hold workshops and camps and above all... I WILL be free.
Free to live my dream and share my love of farming with the world.
Since I have been farming, i have met some amazing people who also gave the middle finger to conventional life and are living a life well lived. 
There are some pretty cool farms within a fifteen mile radius of our farm. We would love to welcome you to our little neck of the woods!! Pull that Airstream in and hang out with real salt of the Earth people!