When Was The Last Time You Did Something For The First Time?


 When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Last fall, I truly asked myself this. And then I acted on it. 

I am a modern day hunter-gatherer of materials, inspiration and passion, so keeping true to my calling, I went on a quest this past year. You could say I needed refreshed eyes and time to attend to my soul on a career I loved.

So, I went on the hunt…..

I explored Italy, drove across the country with my Golden retriever, Emmy Lou Hairass (she wasn’t much for conversation), stopped and talked to many on art and life. From San
Francisco to Florida, and many places in between, I racked up the miles. I had the
thrill of talking to folks who have decided to step up to the plate, change horses in mid stream, and those beginning for the first time.

What I came to find is that there is a CALLING FOR COMMUNITY and CREATIVITY
that we are all seeking in these times.

So this big leap is not just about a new website, but a shift in my creative calling.

Simply put, I am excited to share in making art from meaning…a lifestyle, a
movement, a calling. In about a week I am inviting you to explore new wearable shrines of intention,be a part of workshops both online and destination coming up at the all new Sweetbird Art Ranch
in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado. Also, I will be sharing truly inspirational video interviews of those on the path who are finding and growing their calling.

This summer I hope you can seek out some time to make your talents, destiny and
dreams known. And I would love to hear about it.