Salt On Warm Skin, The Stuff Of Oceans And Tears

As the plane took off for Mexico last week, I wondered how the locals would receive us as the US was trying to close the border. Would we be safe, given all the turmoil between our two countries?
I've traveled to Mexico a lot over the years,
but this is a different era we find ourselves in.
My friends and I went on a three hour sailing cruise out of Cabo San Lucas. We sailed and snorkeled under the beautiful skies and waters of the Sea of Cortez.
As the day wore on, the captain of the sail boat asked what I did for a living. I showed him the bracelet that I never take off. It is of Our Lady of Guadalupe. He smiled, looked at me and said the nicest thing I've ever heard from a stranger in a strange land.
"You are one of us" he said.
With salty skin and salty tears I looked into his eyes, and in that moment I realized,
"All is One".
Travel creates opportunities.
Remember to celebrate that chance opportunity. Exchanging energies. Swimming with life. Dancing with smiles. Supporting economies. Validating others, and most of all,
eradicating fear.
Salt on warm skin. The stuff of oceans and tears.
Stay wild. Stay kind,
Nancy + Team Sweet Bird