Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames

Yesterday, something sublime but magical happened. Just before my workout class a man in the class came over to me and asked me how my shoulder was and that he saw me favoring it. After the class, he worked on it for about five minutes. It instantly felt better as I found out that was his specialization. But what felt even better was my soul. That mere five minutes, that gift of him noticing and showing me love unconditionally.
With Valentines Day coming up and so many that dread that “Hallmark” holiday, as some say, I say we look for and show our love in the most unexpected people and places.
We are all here together in the school of love.
We change our personal and societal dilemma by paying attention to the precious moments that can so easily go unnoticed by our thoughts of what “we don’t have” such as a Valentine on the 14th. That love is love. That we feed our souls and heal our wounds by reaching out to others. That the government won’t save us, we will save each other through our simple acts of kindness that don’t go unnoticed. I keep a bag of protect this woman and man in my truck when I feel someone needs a reminder that someone, even a stranger cares.
So, in the spirit of Valentines Day, we are offering a Buy One – Get One on all Pewter Pendants. Spread the love with a Wearable Shrine of Intention, you never know just how much that might mean to someone that needs their spirit lifted..
You are seen. You are loved.
Nancy + Team Sweetbird