Take The Chance Of A LifeTime, And Never Say, If Only...

I don't know about you, but I have been rearranging everything from the closet to the vegetable drawers, to the underwear drawers. I feel like the quarantine has caused us all to reshape our lives. To go through and literally reshape EVERYTHING. The world hit a big pause button, and I'm sure like most of you I felt busted flat in Baton Rouge. Totally alone.
But then it hit me, I really wasn’t alone.
 I had my Sweet Bird family to call on. Literally. So after my little pity party I began the curiosity of who my customers really are and day by day, threw out the anxiety of the bad news, turned off the TV for good and got to work. 
You see, I was saved by art, but I was also saved by something else. That is all of YOU. Truly.  And now  I have a message, a national movement and that is to 
To me, it is about a movement back to simplicity and happiness that our country has been starving for.
 If this time showed us one thing, it is TIME. You can’t get it back. You can make money back, but not more time. 
I want to experience the kindness of people along the way. I want to share every step so that if you are also waking to a dream that YOU can do it too. I want to be part of the solution in this spiritual crisis of disconnect. I want us to all come together and transform this despair into hope.
Because ALL  of the children in our country are OUR  children.  
You’re not a bystander, a looky lou.   NO. No. No. WE  are going to reinvent the American Dream together. You are personally  invited to participate in the journey to set your life on fire with true intention, community and absolute clarity that you can do it! 
You see, it’s not the man elected in November that will saves u s. I t’s each and everyone of us creating a better way of compassion, creativity and connection that will transform our country. It’s about taking our power back through the art of life, a better life for us and our children. My greatest mission is to transform DESPAIR into HOPE.   That is exactly how ART SAVES. And we are all stronger together.
How are we going to do this you ask? 
I'm going in my 1974 Airstream, Ambassador, I call The Silver Savior, spreading the gospel that ART SAVES. We will be filming and documenting your stories of making a life from meaning in the middle of this unprecedented time.
I want to hear from you, to interview and to host The Silver Savior on your land or driveway!
To plan stopovers at your town, community art center, perhaps a park or gallery to host pop up workshops, art for sale, music and food trucks that will join in. Calling in your community. 
Bringing rituals back to our country by sharing  stories together about people doing it their way. 
To provide assistance on getting your entrepreneurial dream off the ground.
And ultimately, I have this dream to find the land that will become the Art Ranch for all of us to enjoy  and share.
So, welcome to the Silver Savior! Won’t you join me? Please email us at info@sweetbirdstudio.com or drop us a message on fb or Instagram to join the journey.   Once I have your suggestions, I will be putting together the route. 
Until then, please join us and our journey and follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date on our Journey!
It’s going to be  the ride of a lifetime !  
It’s about the open road in front of us . There is no going back  The new normal is to be embraced!
So buckle up, windows down, and always know you're in the drivers seat!
Nancy + Team Sweetbird