What Are You Most Excited About In Your Life Right Now?

When meeting someone for the first time, instead of asking "what do you do", writer, Liz Gilbert likes to ask, "what are you most excited about in your life right now?"  I . Love. This. I especially love what I call seeing that "soul spark"moment when you see a person's face literally 'light up' when asked this question.  
When I turned it around I asked myself that, the ideas flooded in. You know, they are the ones that make your skin tingle, then ones that come right away. Making from meaning, the Silver Savior video project of bringing art and community together, my upcoming workshop, Miracles In The Mountains to explore this question further together.
Try this out meeting someone new, it's really exciting to hear and see! But then ask yourself, "What are you most excited about right now?" What lights you up? What makes you unique? What gives your life purpose?  
Do stuff. Even with throat clenched. Pay attention. Stay eager. Allow yourself to mess up. Go after what excites you as if your life depends on it.  
Because, guess what? It does.
Enjoy Yourself,
Nancy + Team Sweetbird