What Can We Learn From The BIRDS?

I live on a lake at 8500 feet above sea level in the rocky mountains, just east of the Continental Divide. Lately, the winds have been rocking everything unscrewed to the deck and howl against the windows sealed shut. I am warm inside, thankfully, but I dream of the spring when the Red Tail hawk couple will return. You see, it seems I inherited their favorite tree perched above the lake eye level to my deck,  to have their babies in. The Hawkins family, as I have nicknamed them, usually return in late March, assess the damage to their windblown nest, add many giant limbs to it and then wait. And wait. On Mother’s day last year the happy couple gave birth to two babies. I watched for months as they cheeped, ate anything their parents brought them (will spare you the details of that), and then I started noticing something I had never seen before. Both of the babies would go way out on a limb separately and bounce up and down trying out their new legs and wings, flapping in the breeze. Up and down each would bounce, but never let go of their grip on the limb. This went on for several weeks.   S ure enough, one early July day, they both lept out into the air and the draft caught them and away they went to their new world. 
And there I sat, sort of envious of these two hawklets. What did I have to show for such a courageous act like them? Push and pull. One little step forward, one step back. But then I realized something: I have made brave little steps out onto the branch this past decade. Testing my two wings: trust is one, the other is dare. I have been getting out of my own way, you know, the typical bullshit stories we tell ourselves, keeping us trapped in our own fear, our own trust and daring-ness to leap into a life that can no longer wait. 
I have been working on taking the steps I need to take. To the edge of the limb away from the nest. These steps feel strange, new, uncertain and exciting. Test your wings in this new decade, this brand new chapter of your life. Get ready to ride the currents, seeking purpose to rise to new heights. Trust in your vision without the blurry filter of fear and see what is meant for you. 
I’ll be running and flying beside you. We’ll SOAR and DIVE and RISE together. 
Go out on a limb,
Nancy + Team Sweet Bird