What Matters To You?

It’s been a minute since I’ve written you last because I’ve been sick. Sick and tired of politics in our country. The last straw was when I found myself arguing with a family member who I love and am close to about the “great divide”. We had to stop. We have to stop as a nation. Reset.
 No. one. Is. Listening. On either side.
 We all talk about coming to the table to hear each other and we even try, but to no avail. Sadly, I think the subject has simply become too heated to even listen to each other. And it’s been going on for four years plus. Just like two little toddlers fighting over a treasured toy and neither will let go, we all need a proverbial “time out”. 
Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe following what is happening is important and I stay abreast to the politics when I can stomach it, but I am sick and tired of wasting another minute on this impasse with someone, especially a loved one. Especially anyone.  Such a waste of precious time.
So I ask myself the million dollar question we are all asking: 
How can I build communion with my adversaries? Even my enemies when it comes to political views? Instead of allowing divisions to fester, how do I invest my energy for a brighter future? 
Negative energy is a divide that becomes a black hole. And we are better than that. And if a pandemic has taught us anything, it is that our time on this planet is so finite. 
So how DO we build communion with one another again in this great, bruised, battered and messy nation? 
I know you may say it’s too simple, but I believe we build communion with each other as though we are all divine loving beings. All children of God. Because we are. But how do we do that?
We talk about the things that matter most. The things we can ALL agree on. WE the people, not our government, start there. We share art. We share animals. We share our kids. Our grand kids. We share walks together or a conversation about the sunset on our walk. We dance, even if it’s alone in our kitchen. We share our music. We share the moments that make us laugh. We share the moments that bring us to tears, wild and alone. 
I firmly believe at this point in time, we are being asked to dance rather than understand. To lay our thoughts and vicious words to rest and for us to come alive. After all, to beat this pandemic, we need all the energy and strength we have. Quite simply, we have bigger fish to fry than, making the other person wrong. And if we share joy for life, for treating each other as a child of God, well, maybe, just maybe we will heal through the back door, not the front door of confrontation. I know it will take time. But I am confident it can and will be done.
I am inviting you onto the great dance floor and off of the mountain of the great divide. 
And spin under the stars of a planet so beautiful.
 I pray for that and I know I am not alone.
Nancy + Team Sweet Bird