Why I Need To Do This

Driving back to Boulder from Arizona last month, I looked at the little shrine in the photo above that sits on my dashboard and began to reflect. What was it I needed and wanted in this transition? It clearly came back to one day being perfectly crystal clear. It was May 24th as I listened in horror of the tragedy at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. Another. Again. Rage welled in my blood and sorrow spilled out of my eyes. In the midst of our collective grief, I heard from many people that there is either no hope, the 'why bother, it won't help' mentality, or that people were going to leave our country and move. I thought about this response to leave or feel hopeless. Of course, these thoughts were going through my head in the beginning as well.
And then I thought...
 As I see it, the problem is that people are meeting hysteria with hysteria.
 It was on that day in that moment I chose not only to stay, but doing my own little part was unavoidable now. I couldn’t sit back in my sequestered studio any longer thinking this was someone else’s problem to fix. I began thinking where would be the best place to offer workshops, mentorships and events where kids and adults could feel a sense of belonging not only locally, but nationally? I knew I wanted to work with a larger cause and a place that valued all people. I called the Museum of Boulder that day, in my hometown and I explained to the director the calling that my soul was longing to fulfill. She immediately told me they had a place for me as the Artist In Residence! I have a studio there and will also be teaching workshops, after school programs, events and mentorships. www.museumofboulder.org
We are meant to transcend these times. And work through them. To stand and push into the rising of our lives. Of our children’s children’s lives. To stay.
 We GET to decide NOT to be reduced by hysteria. 
I really believe now, more than ever, we are here to grow and to give. 
But how? We each take what is important to us and use our gifts to inspire hope and healing in the rising of our country. By taking risks that can open us up to new opportunities for ourselves and others being positively affected by our callings. To surrender and trust to the love and healing that awaits. 
Community and creativity is medicinal. 
Just look at how we stayed hopeful by being inspired by artists of all kinds in 2020, a year of total unknowns. Even if it was online! 
It’s time to lean in to what’s larger within us. To do what we were brought here to do. For me, that is getting back to my primal roots of crafting a life of meaning and sharing that joy with as many as I can. I can't wait to share these ideas and workshops with you, both in person and online! And if you're not sure, no problem, there will be workshops to hone in our your divine laugh out loud purpose! And I don't know about you, but I can't wait for some in person fun! It's been a long lonely and isolated time for many of us, myself included.
Creativity and community are a sanctuary in a chaotic world. It tells us we are not alone. What are you here to grow and give? I know you have what we need.
Stay tuned on our opening and also our workshop offerings and please let us know of workshops you would like to see happen.
I would like to hear from you. You have what we need.
Come on now, let’s fix this mess.
Lead With Love,
Nancy + Shannon, Mary and Nate