You've Had It All Along

Happy Fall Equinox! To embrace the change in seasons is to embrace the change in our own lives. A letting go but also a new beginning, both literally and figuratively.
I’ve been thinking a lot about HOME lately. Especially since I’ve done my share of moving in the last several years.  “They” say, you can’t go back. First of all, who are “they” anyway? And do we care? To them I say, you CAN go back. 
To leave and move or make a massive change of any kind whether it be letting go of a relationship, move, career change and on, I think the greatest fear is the fear to begin. One day you arrive. Raw. Not knowing anyone, ripping the proverbial band-aid off and beginning again, walls bare and things in chaos, heart on your sleeve. But there is magic in showing up. A desire for something unknowable as of yet. The fear of the unknown. To commit, we have to burn the boats. Or at least get in the car, turn on the GPS and drive. Half in, half out no longer works anymore. 
Many would call us crazy to make these massive changes, but crazy in the best way possible. We are going the distance because we are driven by a dream. We are committing to the scariest thing---risk, and we know it. 
I call it practice for dying. We must grieve endings, but with hope, celebrate new beginnings. We are risking it all to live a full life and we know there are unknowns, but something, some invisible thread pulls us onward because we know we have to go for it. 
In my case, like Dorothy, I learned I CAN go back as well. I am thrilled to be here at the Museum of Boulder as their resident artist in a community with amazing people coming through daily, such a creative space and workshops to boot that fills me with so much meaning and purpose. Aren’t we all a little bit like Dorothy? I have learned through all this moving that I will never have everything all figured out before I take action. But, that change is as simple as changing your mind. That we won’t run away from our calling any longer. 
And if you’re considering a change but can’t seem to go, ask yourself this: Is it fear talking? Self-doubt? Do you know something is wrong and you don’t know how to fix it? Are you restless, bored or angry? If so, that could be a clear sign of change in order. 
We will only know until we go. And to return. To ourselves. To our calling. To our community. To risk is to change the stories we tell about ourselves. To challenge the inner voices. To prove “them” wrong. Instead of thinking you can’t do this (fill in the blank), let that be your cue to say, “watch me”.
For we only grow when we get out of our comfort zone.
Nancy + Team Sweet Bird