Let That Shit Go!

I don’t know about you, but to me it seems 2021 had more starts and stops than a city bus during rush hour traffic and equally as frustrating. Sitting alone in the studio, I look to the pieces of this past year to get a feel of what this is all about, this one crazy year.
Engaging with my Sweet Bird family through art and stories, I ask myself what this year has meant and where are we going? Each piece made for you has been an exploration in the moment that has accumulated into a full-blown year of 2021.
And this is where the popcorn trail of sayings on my pieces have led me…
Believe in the power that ART SAVES.
Believe in the power of LOVE over fear.
Believe in and HONOR those we’ve lost in 2021, teaching us not to take a moment for granted.
Believe in little bites of BRAVERY every day, despite wanting to hide under the covers and wake up when it’s over.
Believe in the transformation of HOPE over sorrow.
Believe in the power of BELONGING over longing when we feel isolated.
Believe that OPTIMISM over dread is the only remedy to uncertainty.
Believe in and be PROUD of the person you’ve become through the trials of a very unpredictable year.
My wish for you in 2022 is a year filled with compassion, creativity, community, humor and hope. And when your fears get the worst of you, remember that you are going into your imagination. Remember to use your imagination for good.  For creating. For the gift of a new year that we are lucky enough to have before us.
Creating is a form of prayer. Thank you for praying with me this past year.
Nancy + Team Sweetbird