Tomorrow Is Now!

I have never had much faith in the internet as a means of social interaction. Until, of course, this year. When the world stopped back in March, like everyone, I was feeling like I was in a game of musical chairs and I was the last one standing 
But as the days wore on, I realized the power in art as prayer. That is my mission and my passion. That art and community heal. The Silver Savior, my Airstream and project to show the power that ART SAVES came alive, despite having to wait before I can head to your town. But you have all come on a journey with me, and for that I am so very grateful  This year I have had the honor of making jewelry for you of births, deaths, graduations anniversaries, weddings, even divorces…healing talismans, my wearable shrines of intention. 
But the gift was all mine….this year, thanks to all of you, has taught me there is a greater strength, that we all have. Going inside and looking for answers through art…and that we are all connected through this true form of prayer. 
In 2021 I am going local and revving up the interviews again, working on my first live streaming workshop, Release the Vision and loads of new one of a kind work I can finally get to in January, so stay posted!
Sweet Bird has never been or ever will be “just” a business. It’s a family. A community. A collection of beautiful souls.  This new year I wish you blue skies, windows rolled down and faith that a better year is just up the way for all of us. 
Stay Well + Always Stay Inspired,
Nancy + Team Sweetbird, Shannon, Mary and Nate