When I Wake Up, I'll Start Over

Driving to the airport early one morning last week I sat waiting at a stoplight.  I looked over and saw a man holding a sign that said, “Jesus died for our sins”.  And there on that same corner was a woman unrelated to him brushing her teeth.  Sometimes I think in metaphors…cleanliness is next to Godliness, I thought…literally!
But another and much deeper thought came to mind.   How brave of both of them to begin again early that morning.  Or as Lukas Nelson sings “when I wake up, I’ll start over”. Sometimes it is the grueling process of getting back in the saddle again, weary, unsure, scared and depleted….  it’s showing up day after day until what you really want becomes a habit. There is no magic to being an artist or good at whatever your passion is for that matter. It’s getting up and starting over.  This past year and a half has taught us all that patience, love and grit to get back up and get us through. I think that’s the definition of faith for me. To believe it will work out when there is no proof yet, it is still raw and unseen. 
This Thanksgiving and always, I am so very grateful for sharing this journey around the sun with you all and hope that you will support small business this holiday season.  You really DO make a difference, and I am proud and elated that you are a part of my Sweetbird family.
Begin Again,
Nancy + Team Sweetbird