Why Is It That The Most Important Lessons Come From The Hardest Times?

Why is it that the most important lessons seem to come from the hardest times? Why can’t we just know what to do without the hard lessons? Years ago, I went through what seemed like every aspect of my life falling apart at once. My life read like a bad country western song…Betrayal, heartache, lack of motivation and the list went on. Although I worked hard at it all through therapy I still felt stuck in my own suffering. I had all but closed up Sweet Bird when it was when I walked into my packed up studio and began making the very first belt buckle. What seemed like a minute, turned into 5 hours and I became amazed and intrigued with this piece of metal as I walked out into the sun.
The buckle, which had Mary in the centerpiece said, “Release the Vision”.  I looked at it in awe. Where did this message come from? More importantly, it was the first time I finally felt inspiration and motivation to take the power back of my life in a long time. The experience has led me to a healing journey that I can only describe through a creative journey and ultimately a spiritual journey. 
And I want to share that journey with YOU! Join me for a week of play, nature, creativity, and focus on your laugh out loud dream in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. 
WHO is this workshop for? As I began to develop Release the Vision as a practice, I realized this is not just for artists. It’s for everyone. I will be pulling out the stops on all I have learned in my practice in the past 35 years. Release the Vision is for everyone who’s wanting to live a life with creativity in their lives and their work. Especially since Covid, we all want a live we love even more than ever.
Release the Vision is about making art as spiritual practice. This workshop is about finding reverence for yourself. This change in perception will bring about your own peace and happiness as we are not only making shrines of intention, but in the process, we are becoming servants of intention.
Creating is a form of prayer, a practice, setting an intention with each piece we make. There is nothing more important than creating a life of meaning. 
I hope you will consider joining me this summer for releasing your precious vision.