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Taking Your Life from Scared to Sacred in 2024


When: March 16-17th, 2024

Time:  10-5 PM

Where:  Museum of Boulder, 2205 Broadway Boulder, CO

There is only ever going to be one YOU in the history of time!

Whether you know it or not, you have a unique story.

You have a unique experience, only yours.

Be that light to yourself moving forward this year!

By making creativity, movement and clear vision, become the hero to your story, because you are!

Creativity is less about just making for making's sake, and more about being able to use the tests, the trials and tribulations of a life well lived.  The older we get the more we realize we only get so much time on this planet to do what we were born to do.  Join us for this one-of-a-kind custom tailored two-day event designed to discover and unleash the fire within you, YOUR STORY through the Art of Making from Meaning in beautiful Boulder, Colorado!

Here, you will have a full two days of uninterrupted time to create, write, play, be immersed in community to uncover your true authentic voice, not the one that is the critic we have dragged around that throws us to the curb on our dreams.  We will be setting an intention and carrying out with us new habits and routines to get there and stay there.  Creativity and inquiry allow us to create the ‘new’ story going forward.  We will be exploring true change from the ego mind to the mind of the soul with the most effective way possible:  through working with our hands, our hearts and moving our bodies.


Together we’ll enjoy natural movement and focused breath practices designed to take you into intimate relationship with your body, rejuvenate your spirit and reawaken your primal sense of self. Remember and re-experience the spontaneous, exuberant human you were born to be!

Organic, sensual, playful and so enriching, this journey is designed to stimulate cathartic release supported by active grounding, inviting a strong sense of connection to your personal vastness while naturally activating profound self-awareness and deep healing forces.

You see, I believe we all have ‘it’ in us.  We really are born equipped with the full package.  But instead, we think the thoughts such as “I’m not qualified, who do I think I am, I don’t have the money, no one with believe my dream”, and on and on. 

Whether you want to refine what you are working on, or take the time to explore your next new chapter, you will have the time, space and the guidance to discover next steps on the path of releasing your vision and letting those old stories GO!

Here are some highlights of Herstory:

-Setting yourself free from past negative critics and ego mind

-Walk away with a clear vision of your life and calling

-Discover and nurture your one-of-a-kind soul

-Find your authentic voice through the creative life by movement, writing, and art making

-Immersion in the creative fire to walk away with a plan of incorporating your mind, body and soul

-Reclaiming your power to take charge of your life

Facilitated by artist and visionary, Nancy Anderson, and movement, yoga and dance extraordinaire, Laurie Pemberton, with over 60 years of combined work in the world of making a life from meaning.

-Release outworn models of what you are saying to yourself

-Learn my personal 4 pillars to crafting a life of meaning

-Dance and yoga classes included, no experience necessary

-Discussions and making art as your spiritual guide

-The fine art of “rust resurrection”, building actual Shrines of Intention

-Metal smithing techniques to create your Shrine of Intention

-Collage, paint, found object art, journaling with specific prompts


About Nancy Anderson:

Nancy Anderson is the artist and creator behind Sweet Bird Studio, a wellspring of found art jewelry and mixed media since 1988.

Mostly self-taught, Nancy is known for her Americana-influenced assemblage styled jewelry marked by irreverent and iconic quotes.  Ephemera, found objects and metals are her current materials of choice and say’s she is happiest when seeking out country roads for new transformation of the ordinary object into the sacred.  Nancy reinterprets her “wearable shrines of intention” with the use of metals, antique tins that have become her trademark style, found objects, paint, collage and the written word, just to name a few. 

About Laurie Pemberton:

Laurie has been teaching movement, dance and yoga for over 20 years in the Boulder area. 

Trained in the Nia Technique (Neuro-muscular Integrative Action), Trance Dance, Soul Sweat and Kundalini Yoga, she has recently combined her work to create Alchemia Dance, a powerful combination of movement and breath work designed to elevate your spirit, liberate your body and expand your mind.


We look forward to having you join us to kickstart the next and most important time of your life!